Monday, April 13, 2009

Wild Flower Wheat - Brewing Day

Like I said, it was a busy weekend! Not only did we bottle the Fat Tire Amber Ale and plant the Cascade hops, but we also decided to brew up a batch of beer (I can't leave those fermenters empty!).

We decided to go with the Wild Flower Wheat. No Grain is used during the brewing! Just the chamomile flowers, honey, malt and hops. The final alcohol content should be around 6%! Mmmm, strong beer!


6.6 lbs. of Unhopped Bavarian Wheat Malt Extract
2 oz. of Chamomile Flowers

1 lb. of Wild Flower Honey
2 oz. of Hallertau Hops - 3.9% Alpha Acid

Wyeast American Hefeweizen Yeast WLP320
Servomyces yeast nutrient

5 oz. of Priming Sugar

2.5 Gallons of Spring Water*

Brewing went very well. We tried to be much more sterile with everything we did. We also decided to try topping off the wort with Spring Water. Hopefully doing this will not leave the off aftertastes when it comes time for bottling.

Bavarian Wheat Malt Extract & Honey
Hops and 2 oz. of Chamomile in a tied Muslin Bag
1 Hour of Fermenting

Check out the new blow-off tube setup!! Nice. More to come!

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