Friday, April 10, 2009

Weizenbier a.k.a "Not So Good Ale" Sample

Last night after stopping up the Hulmeville Inn to meet the brewer of River Horse Brewing Co., I decided to crack open a Weizenbier to take a little sample. It has been sitting roughly 5 days, so I couldn't wait any longer.

The beer poured with a nice head as shown in the picture. The beer also smelled very good. So, I was hoping that the taste test I took on bottling day tasted bad because their was no sugar added in the beer. Sadly, I was wrong and the beer still tasted off. It still had an acidic/soapy aftertaste. The beer also looks very clear... probably from adding too much water. A weiss beer should be somewhat cloudy.

I can't really say much about this batch other than it was a learning experience.

Some reasons I have that may have ruined the batch:

  1. We did not boil the water before topping off the wort. We used cold tap water which could have caused some of the off-aftertastes.

  2. The lid was left off the wort while cooling down which may have let some germs in.

  3. The yeast starter we made was from warm tap water. This water should of been boiled. Also, we did not cover the yeast starter while we were brewing.

I will be bottling the Fat Tire Amber Ale (clone) tomorrow. I will post some pictures for that process and try to document everything we did.


Here is a picture of my River Horse Burnt Sugar Ale from last night. It was a very tasty beverage.

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