Monday, April 13, 2009

Fat Tire Amber Ale (Clone) - Bottling Day

Busy weekend...

First off, the Fat Tire Amber Ale was bottled. The bottling process went smoothly. Also, the hydrometer reading was 1.010 which was where it should be.

I did take a taste and the beer still had a small acidic/soapy aftertaste. I will let this batch sit for 2 weeks and give it a try then. I have my reasons for the off aftertaste again...

I believe it would be from using tap water to top off the wort after boiling. The water *should* be boiled before topping off the wort to 5 gallons. However, the aftertaste was not that bad, so I am hoping some of the off tasted will disappear after letting the bottles sit for 2 weeks.

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