Monday, April 6, 2009

Bottling Day - Weizenbier

Well... bottling day went well. We did not really have any issues as far as the bottling. All the tubing fit as needed. We picked up a auto-siphon, a bottling bucket and some empty bottles from the home brew shop. The bottling process went very smoothly, however, the beer tasted VERY watery.
Joe holding the tube
Racking the Weizenbier
Empty Bottles Drying
The Final Gravity (F.G) reading was exactly as it should of been at 1.010.

Hydrometer Reading of 1.010
The issue that pretty much 'effed up the batch was the fermenting bucket. The bucket we purchased in our kit did not have any of the gallon markers labeled on the side. So, when we originally made the beer, we assumed it was a 5 gallon bucket, and topped off the wort just a bit below the lid. The bucket is actually a 6.5 gallon bucket. This caused the batch to have a very watery taste to it. I also calculated the alcohol percentage to be around 2.6%. It should have been around 4% - 5%.
Joe Taste Test

Mark Taste Test

So, this has been a learning lesson, again! We did bottle the beer and I will give it a taste on Saturday (1 week). If it still tastes watery, it's going down the drain so I can use the bottles to bottle the Fat Tire Amber Ale.

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