Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekend Schedule

The weekend agenda is as follows:

  1. Sanitize 4 cases of bottles
  2. Sterilize 4 cases of bottles
  3. Bottle the Sam Adams Summer Ale Clone (5 Gallons)
  4. Brew an I.P.A

It should be another great weekend of beer related madness! And also I'm going to 2 Phillies games as well... I'll have pictures from the weekend's craziness on Monday.

I am going to hold off on bottling the Belgian Dubbel for another week. It looks like there is still some suspended matter floating in the liquid (most likley the krausen didnt fully fall to the bottom). I've been told to try and "cold-crash" the carboy. So, I am going to move the carboy into the kegerator for a week, hopefully knocking all the particles to the bottom of the carboy. I will add more posts later about the progress.

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